Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

InnQuirer - Branch Magazine

InnQuirer is the Branch Magazine for Furness CAMRA (sometimes referred to as a Newsletter although that dates from the time when it would have been a small publication listing local branch information).

July 2021 update We still are unable to produce and distribute a printed version of InnQuirer until CAMRA permits and even then, it will be a difficult task to get things up-and-running given the fact that the last printed version was early in 2020!

It may be feasible to produce an online version as we did previously but since that would be based on a downloadable electronic facsimile of the physical version, the work involved would be pretty much the same as for a printed version. Obviously, articles and information content would be required and although that would be possible, it does mean that we would need contributions from members and since most, if not all, of us haven't really been doing pub visits during the pandemic, that could be a challenge! Producing the magazine takes time and for a printed version, there would be a significant cost which would normally be offset by advertising revenue. At present, we have no real feel for how many of our regular advertisers would want to return to advertising and some may not even be around any more. We can't produce a magazine that incurs a loss so managing that will take some time.
On top of that, the pubs would need to be comfortable with their customers handling paper copies.

However, all is not gloom as we may well be able to produce an electronic version without incurring costs as long as we can make it interesting.

At present, all we can say is keep watching our social media feeds for the latest status.

When published, the Magazine is a full-colour publication containing our Branch Diary and Craic (local word for 'gossip') about local pubs and breweries plus adverts as well as local information such a CAMRA discounts, LocAle pubs (pubs where you can buy beer brewed in the Furness area and some breweries bordering on the area) and articles about local events, presentations and festivals. Previous copies (before the pandemic temporarily halted production) are available as a downloadable pdf file here: