Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

InnQuirer - Branch Magazine

InnQuirer was the Branch Magazine for Furness CAMRA (sometimes referred to as a Newsletter although that dates from the time when it would have been a small publication listing local branch information).
The magazine ceased publication in 2024. There are currently no plans to re-introduce it.

The first 3 copies of InnQuirer!

We have unearthed the first 3 copies ever of Furness InnQuirer and we have scanned these in for you to see. Twenty one years have passed and such a lot has happened in that time, not just that the newsletter has become a fully-fledged full colour magazine but major changes on the pub scene. Some have gone, some have taken on new identities and as for the beers, the revolution in variety that we have all seen in the past few years was still a while off at that time!
Have a look and see what it was like at the turn of the century.

InnQuirer is no longer being produced. Previous copies are available using the following link:

Issues for downloading