Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

Local Breweries

The Furness area has 12 breweries in current production ranging from a small ½ barrel plant to larger operations. A wide range of beers is produced, both on a regular and a seasonal or intermittent basis. Ulverston Brewing Company in Ulverston and Unsworth Yard brewery in Cartmel both have visitor centres at which visitors are welcome but please check their web sites for days on which they are open.

Many of the pubs in our area will vary the range of beers selected from the area's brewers so we have not sought to indicate where the beers are likely to be found. Contact details for all the brewers are listed below so if you are visiting the area and interested in a particular beer why not give them a call?

We have listed our breweries in the order in which they commenced production.

Coniston Brewery 1995

Barngates Brewery May 1997

Foxfield Brewery 1997 (Currently Closed - no information on future plans)

Beckstones Brewery March 2003 (contact 01229 775294) - Currently Inactive

Cumbrian Ales (was Cumbrian Legendary Ales) June 2006

Ulverston Brewing Company 2006

Hardknott Brewery - Closed 2018

Stringers Beer July 2008 - renamed "Lakeland Brewhouse" 2021 and including UTown beers Closed 2023

Greenodd Brewery- April 2010 (contact 07782 655294) (temporarily closed 2021)

Unsworth's Yard Brewery 2012

Healey's brewery 2012 (contact 01229 582388)

Fell Brewery 2013

Tarn Hows Brewery 2015 Closed/Mothballed 2023

Biggar Brewing 2016 (Closed 2021)

South Lakes Brewing Co 2016 (contact 07795 363523) - Closed 2022

Shaws of Grange 2016

Roa Island (Boating Club) Brewery 2017 - Closed 2023

Hawkshead 2018

Logan Beck Brewery 2018

Old Friends Brewery 2019

Townhouse 2021 (moved from Audley Staffordshire)