Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

Welcome to the Web Site of the Furness Branch of CAMRA - The Campaign for Real Ale

Not getting any (emails)?

If you think that we have forgotten you, it may be that you ticked the box for 'no emails' on your application form. Once you tick that, we can't legally send you out any emails, including those from the Branch, about trips and meetings etc. We want you to feel part of the Branch so to change this, sign in to the main CAMRA website (using you membership number and password) and you can then change your preferences. Of course, you don't have to but you may be missing out!

Unfortunately, at present, nothing much is happening but once things improve then you will be 'in-the-loop'.

InnQuirer - Branch Magazine Update

Currently, the paper issue of InnQuirer is suspended as is the downloadable .pdf version (since that is actually an export of the printed version!). However, we have created a website with some of the content that you would normally find in the regular version. We hope to keep this running with regular updates but of course that is all dependent on us having articles available and maybe some of the adverts you used to see in InnQuirer. Early days so far but we will see how things progress.
The website is Online InnQuirer

Coronavirus - Latest information

Tuesday January 12th 2021
I think that the best thing we can do now is follow the rules and protect everyone from infection. Check out your local breweries/pubs to see if they are delivering and do your best to keep them going!

This is why you need to keep checking local social media feeds for any more information as the pubs (and breweries of course) are doing their best to work through this..

Committee members are trying to keep in touch with on-line meetings but it seems highly unlikely that we will be able to hold physical Branch Meetings for the immediate future unless things improve.

With luck we will be able to put on a Beer Festival in 2021 but whether or not this will be the old style festival that we all love depends on how things develop. Needless to say, if we can we will but in these extraordinary times, who knows?

Please have a look around the website - we hope you like what you see and that you enjoy our wonderful area, its amazing choice of top quality breweries and its friendly local pubs.
Obviously in the current situation, things are not running as they were but we are all still here monitoring the situation and we will be back once everything calms down.
Even in the current pandemic, CAMRA is still keeping working for you all, members, pubs and breweries so even if you are not already a CAMRA member, why not think about joining and enjoy all the benefits that membership brings (and there are more than you think) and at the same time, help CAMRA keep campaigning for us? Find out more. You can always give membership as a gift!